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General Business Internship


General Business Internship


Interns will complete four major rotations: social media strategy, customer experience, financial analysis, and ethical business practices. During each rotation, interns will be working on diverse teams as they gain hands-on experience.

The program is designed to prepare interns for the workforce in marketing, sales, financial services, hospitality, and business management. In addition to the four rotations, interns will learn how to lead teams and handle difficult situations.

Social Media Strategy and Customer Experience

Interns will learn how to establish engaging content for our target audience and analyze our customer’s data while advertising the brand. Interns will participate in virtual workshops, group engaging projects, and interactive meetings. Interns will learn how to engage with customers, advertise our product and services, de-escalate customer’s concerns, and conduct internal scheduling processes.

Financial Analysis and Ethical Business Practices

Interns will learn how to create product pricing options, operate price-oriented experiments, and manage the brand’s financial and price structure. Interns will also calculate our customer’s price sensitivity and willingness to pay by performing pricing experiments. Interns will be introduced to ethical business practices while analyzing a variety of employment options and compensation systems.

Program Dates


  • 16-Week Internship Program starting July 2021
  • 10 to 15 hours of work per week
  • Enrolled at a Community College or University
  • Communication and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Ability to Lift up to 50 Pounds
  • Have Access to Reliable Transportation and Technology (Laptop)
  • Be Able to Travel in the Los Angeles County Area


Develop the business skills you need to advance into your career. Our rotations provide interns with the ability to think outside the norm, explore their career interests, and add value to a teamwork environment.


Interns will gain first-hand exposure to customers, engaging workshops, experiments, and interactive learning sessions that will prepare interns to make business decisions.


Interns will learn ethical business practices which will teach them how to handle adversity and establish a better understanding of their professional journey.

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